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Waist Trainers for Women Define Dangerous Curves

Whether it’s Kim K or Jessica Alba that inspired you to try waist training, all our goals are the same, to get smaller waistlines! If diet and exercise don’t seem to slim you down anymore, and you need some help, you’ve come to the right place. Before you make you first waist trainer purchase, it is important to find out all about it as much as you can. Informed purchase is the only way to not go wrong with the product.

What is a waist trainer anyway?

waist trainerWaist training corset roots can be traced back to the 1800s. Back then, it was known simply as a corset and it was made differently. For one, it had a steel boning that helped keep its shape. Second, it laces up at the back. Women in the upper class wore them under their dresses to enhance the waist.

In fact, it became a thing wherein women tried to get as small a waistline as they can. This has been found by doctors to be medically unhealthy since it reshapes the internal organs and cause ailments. Up to this day, this kind of waist training is still around.

The modern waist cincher is obviously patterned after the old corset. It was in Colombia. Cosmetic surgeons wanted something to speed up the post operation recovery time of their liposuction patients. They also envisioned a non-invasive product that can further enhance the effects of the procedure.


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After two decades of research, studies, interviews and trials and errors they came up with the waist cincher that we know today.  So yes, the original waist trainer came from Colombia. The #5 ranking country in cosmetic surgeries in all the world. And the number one cosmetic surgery procedure is liposuction!

How does waist training work?

Waist training is a gradual process of molding the waist to become smaller with the consistent use of a waist trainer. At the same time, waist training corsets will increase perspiration on the torso and will lead to more fat lost. When you waist train, your waistline will become smaller while the hips and the bust will become more pronounced.

To get the best results, you will have to wear the waist trainer for eight hours or more each day. Waist training isn’t for those who want immediate results though. While you will see results as soon as you wear it, it will slim you down by tucking in your stomach, more permanent results will be seen in a month.

Providing proper posture is another added benefit of the waist trainer. It helps support the back, prevents you from slouching and therefore gives an overall correct posture.

Decreased appetite

It may be the last thing you’d expect from a waist trainer but did you know that it can decrease your appetite? Because wearing a waist trainer will compress your stomach, you will easily get full. That means less amount of food intake!

The trick here is to eat slowly. That way, your body will have enough time to tell you when you are indeed full. Eating fast will make you consume more since you won’t give your body the chance to tell you when it is full. When waist training, its like being on the French diet. You will get to eat small frequent meals as opposed to three large meals.

This type of diet helps you lose weight since small frequent meals increases metabolism and prevents the body from storing food as fat.

latex waist trainer

The original and best waist trainer for women

I cannot tell you how many brands of waist training corsets there are available, it’s too many! As long as there’s a big market for a certain product, I can guarantee you that there are rip-offs. The same is true with waist trainers for women. In fact, almost all the waist trainers we have here are fakes. The original one, as I have mentioned before is from Colombia. All these other brands have simply taken advantage of the demand and the opportunity.

But let me tell you what makes the original latex waist trainer better than the rest. With the twenty years of study, what sets the original waist trainer from Colombia apart from the others are Flexiboning, Lycra 2.0 technology and combed cotton fabric.

Flexiboning is what replaced the steel boning in the traditional latex waist corset. As the name suggest, its flexible. That’s what makes it flexible enough to wear even to the gym. At the same time, it’s sturdy enough to help maintain the hourglass shape and contour the body.

Lycra 2.0 technology is the one responsible for increased thermal activity around the waist. This is what helps burn the fat from your stomach, side and back. You’ll notice that as you wear the waist cincher, your stomach will be constantly sweating.

But because plain Lycra can cause irritation when rubbing on the skin for long periods of time, the combed cotton fabric acts as a barrier. A comfortable barrier. It also help tuck in the belly fat by compressing the stomach.

How to choose the right size waist trainer

Getting the right size is one of the most common problems not just of women who buy waist trainers online but by everyone who goes online shopping. Because you can’t try the garment on, you risk getting the wrong size.

There are rules to follow when getting your size for a waist trainer. All you need is an accurate reading of your weight and waistline.

To get the most accurate measurements, it’s best that you take both first thing in the morning. For your weight, be sure that your weighing scale is accurate. Set it on a concrete floor and not on a carpet, that can give you the wrong reading. Take off all your clothes, your pajamas can add a few more pounds. Stay put when reading the weight. You may take it twice for extra accuracy.

Use a tape measure for your waist. Do not suck in your stomach. Just relax and stand straight. Jot down your measurements and compare it to the size chart.

How to wear waist cincher

If you feel like diet and exercise aren’t enough to give you the waist you’ve been working so hard for then waist training will significantly help.

Start wearing the waist cincher at home for an hour, if you can. Slowly increase the duration as your body becomes more comfortable wearing one.  If you feel too uneasy, you may take it off. I would suggest wearing it while watching TV, cooking or while doing something. This will take your mind off of the discomfort, if you feel any.

In a few weeks, you should be able to wear it for eight hours or more each day. You should also be able to wear it out for long periods of time. The best way to get slimmer waist and maintain it is to wear the waist trainer every single day for at least eight hours.

You should also be able to wear the waist trainer when working out. It’s going to make you lose even more fat! It will double the perspiration around your stomach. These workout waist trainers will be comfortable enough to wear even to the gym.

Best Waist trainer reviews from verified buyers

I got this in the mail literally 2 days after it shipped! I love this corset so much, I would recommend it to anyone who’s considering buying one. It’s super comfortable/breathable & I’ve noticed that it really does help with posture. – Natalie

before and after waist training

I looooove this waist trainer!! It’s super comfy and covers my whole torso! (I’m 5’2) I feel a lot of back support while I wear it and I just absolutely love it!☺️ This is my first time trying a waist cincher and I am very pleased with the material and color! – Lizzie

Efficiency and comfort is among the most important aspects that reviewers of the FitCurves latex waist trainer have mentioned. What good would a waist trainer be if it weren’t efficient? And comfort will allow you to wear it throughout the day, which is the only way to get your waistline smaller permanently.

Tips on wearing a waist trainer corset

In waist training, you need patience and perseverance. Waist training is a gradual process so you won’t see results until weeks or a month, depending on your body type. Having said that, don’t compete with others. Remember that your body is unique and different. Focus on the waist training instead of outcomes and in no time, you’ll be surprised with the difference.

Slow integration is important so that your interest in it won’t fade the way all the other diets that you have tried did. Allow your body to adjust to wearing one. Don’t push yourself to wearing it a full day right away. Increase the number of hours gradually.

No matter how busy you might get and no matter what you’ll be doing, don’t forget to put on the waist trainer. Skipping a day can make a difference. Make it a habit to put the waist cincher corset together with your underwear. In fact, treat it as an undergarment. Soon, you’ll feel incomplete without one.

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