Buying a Waist Trainer Corset: Essential Tips to Know

Thinking about buying a waist trainer but you don’t know enough about the process and the products to really get started? This article was created as a buyer’s guide that will help you to learn more about what waist training is and how you can choose the right waist training corset.

How waist trainers work

There is no doubt that this is very different than buying an ordinary corset, which are often more for show than for any actual purpose. When you choose a training corset you will be selecting a tool that will help you to actually decrease the circumference of your waist line by up to five or six inches.

Workout waist trainers work in two ways. One is by training your waist into an hourglass figure. Continuous and consistent use will make it adapt such shape permanently. Second is by increasing thermal circulation on your torso. This means that simply by wearing it, it will burn fat on and around your belly.

Waist training is a gradual process so you won’t see the permanent results in just one day. It will take four weeks and you need to wear it consistently. The minimum requirement is eight hours each day. For more dramatic results, you should partner it with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

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Are there health risks when waist training?

It is important to distinguish the difference between the traditional steel-boned corset and modern waist cinchers. These two are very different. While the modern cincher is no doubt inspired by the traditional corset, the cincher is an improved version.

Have you read about the dangers of waist training? I’ve seen a lot of articles on it online where doctors claim that it can cause crushed ribs, liver damage, constipation, increased blood pressure and so on. I will have to agree with them on their claims but that is only true with steel-boned corset and not with the flexible modern cinchers.

I have mentioned that the traditional corset and modern cincher are different so let me explain how they actually differ. The biggest factor is the steel-boning. These are the vertical steel rods found around corsets. On average, there are around 24 steel bones on it. This is what helps keep an hourglass shape and because it is steel, it’s not flexible at all. Corset reviews say that sometimes, these steel boning even poke through the skin and is quite painful. So with the traditional corset it is about hard training the waist to a smaller size.

The ribbon lace-up closure is another factor that we should consider. While ribbon is not harmful in itself, it’s how women use it that turns it dangerous. You see, the lace-up allows you to close the corset as small as you wish and some women do just that. They close it so small that they can hardly breathe and over time, crushes the internal organs into a dangerously small space. This is when all the mentioned health risks come in.

I bought one of those steel-boned corsets that lace up in the back… It provides the same effect as this clincher but you cannot move in it at all. You can’t even fold laundry in it. This product gives tons more room to move so it’s PERFECT. If you want to put a sweatband under it and hit an intense ab work out you totally can!” – Lexie

The modern waist cincher on the other hand no longer has the unforgiving steel-bones nor the extreme lace-up. The steel bones have been replaced by Flexiboning that still gives the hourglass shape but is flexible. That it is flexible eliminates the pain and makes it more forgiving.

While the cincher has all sizes available no matter what your waistline is, each product can only be adjusted two ways. You can only make it tighter and looser through the two rows of hooks. So for your given size, it will only allow you to close it as tight as it is safe.

One more added feature of the modern waist shaper that is not found in the traditional corset is the fat burning properties. The latex material increase thermal circulation around your belly thus burning fat.

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Choosing the original faja

You don’t have to feel guilty if you need some help to boost your confidence and make you feel good. It’s natural for us women to seek help improving our beauty and bodies. It is natural too, that our bodies become heavy in the middle. But what is it with having a smaller waistline that makes us feel so good? Once we know that we look curvaceous, we feel like we can run the world.

That’s why waist trainers are such lifesavers. They cinch the waist as soon as you wear it and give you an instant confidence boost. Permanent results are even more dramatic. So for such an amazing product, it is important that you choose the best one. How exactly do you do that?

Your waist training corset will need to be the original, high quality and comfortable one. These are the corsets that were engineered specifically for the purpose of reshaping your waist line and your body as a whole. When you get high quality waist cincher corsets you can reduce the waist in a very major way, something that the knock-offs cannot offer. The way in which these corsets is made is entirely different, as they are created using Lycra 2.0 and Flexiboning.

For your first waist cincher, you need to find the right size by getting your most accurate body weight and waistline. Then compare these to the FitCurves size chart. Having a good guide to follow, as well as a reliable website from which to order the original waist training corset, will take you a long way in your quest for that shapely figure and tiny waistline.

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4 inches off in 4 weeks

You might not feel comfortable on your first wear of the clincher and that’s okay. The feeling of compression on the torso is not for everyone but you will grow into it eventually. Some women didn’t mind it the first time though. For these reasons, I would advise you to start wearing it around the house and only for an hour. If you feel extreme discomfort, you can easily take it off. Do this until you get comfortable and you will soon forget that you are actually wearing one.

Gradually increase the hours that you wear the cincher, There is no fixed rule regarding this since every person is unique. Do whichever is comfortable for you. In a few weeks time, you will get to wear it for at least eight hours. This is when it will start to really work. When it becomes comfortable to you, you should wear it as part of your underwear that means wearing it to work, to the gym, to special occasions and just about anything.

Do waist trainers work?

Waist trainers can work alone, by itself but reinforce it with diet and exercise and you will get dramatic results. Your usual routine at the gym is good enough, but feel free to add more ab exercises so you’ll get faster and bigger outcome. A thirty minute run every day will make a difference too, if you currently don’t exercise regularly.

For diet, you simply need to listen to your body. Eat only when you’re hungry and stop when you’re satisfied. If you do this, you’ll find that you’ll end up eating more meals a day but with smaller portions. This is what’s good for you. Your metabolism will be revved up throughout the day and your body will use food as energy and not store it as fat.

One of the many benefits when waist training is suppressed appetite. Women found that they easily get full while training. This is because of the compression on your stomach, don’t worry it’s not dangerous. As I mentioned, learn to listen to your body.

So to give you proof how well the FitCurves waist trainer works, here’s what verified buyers have to say:

I tried on dresses that I’ve never worn but one day wished to wear. I was in total shock. I was amazed at how good I look.” – Lindsey

After about 2/3 days, it was easier to get on because I was already shrinking and I knew how to put it on the right way. I am truly in love with this cincher. I get so many complements that I have gotten 2 other people to purchase the same exact one.”  – Jackie