Colombian Faja Is The Original Waist Trainer

There are so many waist trainers available in the market. Many brands promising the same thing. Choosing the brand and kind to get for yourself is already confusing, now you have Colombian shapewear added to the mix. Let me tell you now that you should narrow your search to the Columbian faja.

What’s a Colombian waist trainer?

Did you know that the original waist trainers were created in Colombia? Sure, corsets have been around every since the eighteen hundreds but that’s a different kind. Colombia, by the way, is ranked 5th in plastic surgery procedures performed worldwide. The number one plastic surgery procedure is liposuction.

Waist trainers, or fajas, were born out of the need of plastic surgeons. They wanted a product that’s non-invasive and that can speed up post-op recovery time and can further enhance their work on their patients. So for twenty years, they researched, studied tried and tested until they came up with the faja that we know today.

This was a huge success among their patients that soon after, it became available to everyone. Many companies in America took notice of this upcoming supertrend and thus, they all popped up overnight wanting to take part in the market.

Colombian waist trainer

Traditional corset VS waist cincher

As mentioned, the modern waist cinchers are patterned after corsets in the olden days. These corsets are steel-boned and usually lace up at the back. Women in the Victorian era wore these corsets to enhance their curves underneath their ball gowns. But because these corsets are steel-boned, closing it tight often makes it difficult to breathe. It’s made of non-stretchable, unforgiving material. Some women fainted while wearing their corsets. So much so that there were fainting chairs in most houses.

Doctors later on found that steel-boned corsets caused the internal organs to compress. They got squished together causing liver complication, constipation and fractured ribs. This is why the corset became unpopular and only until recently started making a comeback.

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Think of the modern shaper as an improved and safer version of the steel-boned corset. The creators of the modern waist trainer took away the steel-boning because it was too much for the body and it also caused discomfort by piercing through the skin.

They have replaced it with Flexiboning which still holds the shape but isn’t too stiff. It’s hard enough to train the waist but flexible enough to make it comfortable.

They have also added latex for more waistline reduction results. The Lycra 2.0 technology increases heat circulation around the stomach to burn more fat. So not only does the modern cincher shape the waist, it also burns the fat for more dramatic results.

But because Lycra 2.0 is a form of plastic, the cinchers are lined with combed cotton fabric to make it breathable and prevent the latex from direct contact with the skin. This is also added compression and works together with the Flexiboning in tucking in belly fat.

The lace up enclosure has been replaced by the hook and eye to make it easier to strap on. Instead of closing at the back, this can be closed in the front so that the modern woman can close it by herself.

colombian cincher

How to get the Colombian faja

To start your waist training program, you first have to get the original faja from FitCurves. Getting the right size is crucial and can be quite tricky, as with any piece of clothing that you order online because you can’t fit it. Getting your accurate measurements is key. You need your weight and waistline measurement to get started.

Get both these measurements first thing in the morning. Breakfast can add a few pounds to your weight and a few centimeters to your waist. To get the waistline, use a measuring tape. Measure on the narrowest part of your torso. This is your waist. Don’t suck in. Just relax and get your waistline in inches.

To get your weight, take off all your clothing. Jeans and other clothing will add a few pounds. Lay your weighing scale on a hard flat surface and not on carpet. Once you’ve gotten both these measurements, refer to the FitCurves size chart and see where you fall into and order that size.

colombian waist training corset

Starting waist training

Once you have your original faja, you are ready to start waist training program. In order for you to get the most noticeable results, you have to add a healthy diet and regular exercise. Sure, the trainer can work on its own but it can only do so much. You should also do your part to get the outcome that you want.

If you are sick of special diets that require you to cook up restaurant grade food or prevent you from eating what you love, we are to. So I’m not going to tell you to stop eating this or that.

Instead, you may eat whatever you want but just in moderation. While training, you won’t be able to eat much anyway. The compression on your stomach will only allow you to eat small meals. But you should eat whenever you are hungry.

Eating small frequent meals throughout the day will make help boost your metabolism and prevent your body from storing food as fat. Eating three large meals causes weight gain. That’s why when training, you should eat whenever you’re hungry and stop when you are full.

There are no special exercises required either. If you’re already in the habit of going to the gym, keep it up. But if you don’t exercise regularly, it’s time to get off the couch. A simple cardio workout is good enough on days when you can’t do a full fitness routine. Just be sure that you are wearing your body shaper. At least thirty minutes of walking or running will do. Wearing the cincher while working out will increase the fat burning process around your waist.

Benefits of the waist cincher

As soon as you wear the faja, you’ll notice that it instantly slims you down. That’s why waist trainers are considered slimming shapewear too, they can smooth out your silhouette instantly by tucking in your belly.

Those who have back problems will find trainers very helpful. The Flexiboning provides shape to your body. It straightens your spinal column thus making you stand up straight for the proper posture.

As the cincher slims down your waist, it will give the illusion that you are taller. When you stand up straight, you instantly look more slender.

How to wear waist shapers

Waist training is a gradual process so you shouldn’t wear the shaper for eight hours straight on the first day. You need to break into it. Wear it for an hour at first or if you can, for two hours. It may feel really tight at first but it will start to get comfortable. Increase the number of hours by a few minutes each day until you get to wear it for at least eight hours straight.

During the breaking in period, wear it at home so that if at anytime you feel really uneasy, you can take it off. Then slowly integrate it to your everyday routine. Wear it as you grab groceries, run errands and eventually you can wear it to work and to the gym. Don’t close it on the second row of hooks just yet, that can be very tight. Use the first row on your first few weeks. Progress to the second row as your waist becomes smaller. You’ll know when the shaper feels looser.

The cincher should feel tight enough that it smooths out your belly, back and sides but it shouldn’t be so tight that you can hardly breathe anymore. Wearing it will take some getting used but once you get past that, you’ll be addicted. You’ll love it as a shapewear and you’ll feel sexier.

fajas made in colombia

Waist trainer results

Waist trainer results take time. You won’t see permanent results in a few days. You need consistency and discipline to reap long term benefits. Normally, women see dramatic results in a month and some in just two weeks. This all depends on how often you wear your clincher, what your eating habits are, exercise regimen, and body type.

Some waist trainer reviewers report that in as little as two weeks, their waistlines started to shrink. This depends on the body type of each women. Women who have more body fat will see more dramatic results as the trimmer and their diet and exercise will have more to work with. It is important that you stick to the waist training program in order to see the most desirable results.