Finding Quality Waist Trainers Online Is Like Winning The Lottery

When a product is selling like hot cakes, everyone will try to get a piece of the market. The competition will then start to get tighter and prices will drop. Along with the price drop though, the quality of the product will be compromised. How else will the businessmen get to sell their product at cheaper prices if they won’t cut corners? This is exactly what happened with waist cinchers.

The origins of the waist trainer

Waist trainers have been around for centuries now. It was first recorded having been worn in the 17th century. Back then, women in the upper class were the ones who wore it and it became a status symbol. They wore it underneath their balloon gowns to give them womanly curves. But it was later on banned because of its side effects such as fainting, constipation, crushed ribs, liver failure, and the list goes on.

To be more specific, the kind of trainers they wore were steel-boned corsets. Those are the predecessors of the modern waist cincher that we have today. Don’t worry, the modern cinchers no longer have the side effects. They are like the modern and improved version of the traditional corset.

So where and how did the modern cincher come about? It first started in Colombia, who’s number five in cosmetic surgeries in all the world and the number one procedure is liposuction. The cincher was created out of the need of the cosmetic surgery doctors. They wanted a product that’s non-invasive, that could speed-up post operation recovery time of their patients and that could further improve the results of their work.

So for twenty years, they researched, did thousands of interviews and tried and tested until the cincher has been perfected. It was then marketed even to those who didn’t go under the knife. It has become such a hit that it soon reached American soil. Overnight, companies popped up out of nowhere trying to get into the market.

Low quality and expensive

I’ll let you in on a secret. The original waist trainers from Colombia do not cost as much as the ones that celebrities are wearing. So why is it so expensive, you ask? That’s just the companies’ marketing strategy and way to take advantage of this craze.

We all have that one celebrity that we want to have the same body as and are willing to go the extra mile just to have a body as close to theirs. You’ve tried some crazy diet that your favorite celebrity said she was on or you’ve probably enrolled at some exercise that she said she owes her body to. This is what these companies are doing to you too.

They know that you are willing to do almost anything that these celebrities say they are doing. So they had a few of them wear it and they jacked up the price. And everyone bought their waist trainers.

Aside from the overpriced knock-offs, the problem with a stiff competition market is the price drops which is quite the opposite. Some companies know that there are women who are looking for a cheap alternative. As I have mentioned before, the only way for the companies to drop their price so low is by cutting corners. So now we have low-quality and very cheap trainers from China. Labor is cheap there and the Chinese factories always find a way to copy originals.

There are a few waist trainer reviews of these really cheap cinchers saying that it’s disposable and doesn’t do anything at all. For the price of a t-shirt, what would you expect? You get what you pay for. So beware of these kinds of products. It is best to pay a fair amount of money for a product that’s good quality, will last you a long time and will, most importantly, work.

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What makes a good quality waist trainer

Quality is everything. it’s what makes a product work and what will give you your money’s worth. Some bad waist trainers are only good for a few days then they start to fall apart. You end up having to spend more money repurchasing it. A bad waist trainer will not only waste your money but waste your time as well. Imagine wearing one for a week or more only to find out that it’s actually not doing anything for you.

Now we have established that not all waist trainers are the same so what should you look for?

Comfort –  this is one of the most important factors that I look for in a waist cincher. If the boning starts poking at my skin, there is no way I’m going to last a day with it. If it rolls up because the structure isn’t sturdy enough, I will have to tug and adjust it every few minutes and end up taking it off because I do not have the patience for it.

That’s why a waist trainer has to be comfortable. You should be able to exercise, work and do household chores in it.

Breathable – some latex waist trainers do not have a combed cotton fabric that sits between the skin and the latex material. This is especially bad for those who are allergic to latex. Even if you are not, it will be highly uncomfortable because the rubber will rub against your skin and might cause chafing and rashes. Your skin needs to breathe that’s why it is important that you should look for a combed cotton fabric lining in a body shaper.

Hourglass shape – it is through compression that the cincher slims down your waist. The Flexiboning structure is what has replaced the steel-boning of the traditional corsets. It is still sturdy enough to give you shape but flexible enough so that you can move around in it. A good waist trainer will be strong enough to keep the hourglass shape and will not roll up nor deform.

Back support – another benefit of the Flexiboning is helping your posture. It is strong enough to straighten your back and force you into the proper posture. Waist trainer reviews from women who normally wear a back brace say that the FitCurves waist trainers can hold up just the same.

Fat blasting – another reason why the modern cincher is the improved version of it predecessor is its fat burning properties. The traditional corset did not have this feature. It’s the Lyra 2.0 material that increases thermal activity around the waist so that by simply wearing it, it can do some work for you.

Shapewear – if you normally spend an arm and a leg for a good shape wear so that you can wear your figure hugging dress, now you can find this feature in FitCurves. It can instantly give you curves, hide your bulges and can be concealed under your clothes so no one knows that you are wearing one.

These are the features that make a good quality waist trainer and all these can be found in FitCurves from Colombia. You won’t find these features in other waist shapers because these are what make FitCurves unique. Only if you combine all these will you get the most effective product.

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How to order quality waist trainers online

Getting the right size is crucial in wait training. A size too loose will defeat the purpose of getting a smaller waistline because it won’t compress your belly well enough. On the other hand, getting a size too small will make it too uncomfortable since the trimmer will be too tight. That’s why you should get your most accurate measurement. To find out your FitCurves size, you need your waistline and weigh measurements.

To get the most accurate measurement of your weight and waistline, you have to do it first thing in the morning. This way you still have not gained a few extra pounds that you will by eating breakfast. Next, take of your clothes. Your pajamas and shirt are a few extra pounds too. Make sure that you weighing scale is on a hard, flat surface. Never put it down on carpet since it’s too soft and will read wrong. Get on the scale at least thrice to make sure that you get a correct measure of your weight.

You will need a tape measure for your waistline size. You may take it before or after you weigh yourself. Wrap the tape measure around your waist, the smallest part of your torso, using the inches side. Don’t suck in your stomach and just relax. Wherever the end of the tape measure meets is your waistline.

Next, take these measurements and compare to the FitCurves size chart. Just follow your measurements to see what size is best for you. Be sure that you follow the size chart properly so that you don’t end up getting the wrong size.

Remember that in slimming down your waist, you shouldn’t be too stingy. After all, you will only have to purchase a waist trainer once if it’s good quality. Unless of course you’ll get a waist so small that you’ll have to get a size smaller too. But that will be worth it.

There’s no need to spend too much either. Those waist trainers endorsed by celebrities are only expensive because of their marketing and advertisement. They are no better than the original FitCurves.