Finding The Most Effective Waist Training Corsets For Sale

How to start waist training

Waist training is a process of gradually reducing the waist with the use of a waist training corset. The waist cincher trains the waist to become smaller and it targets the fat around the stomach too. The modern waist cincher is made of materials that burn the fat. The same property cannot be found on the classic steel boned lace corset.

You should start with wearing the latex waist trimmer for two hours a day, if you can. It will be uncomfortable at first so if at anytime you feel very uneasy, you may take it off. That’s why you should start by wearing it when you are only at home.  Gradually increase the number of hours until you can wear it for eight hours straight.

The key to waist training is slow integration. There’s no need to rush it. Use it around the house at first, then try to wear it even as you go out. The end goal should be that you wear it for a full day at work, as you go to the gym and do your everyday routine.

Corset VS Waist trainer

There’s no denying that the modern waist trainer is derived from the traditional corset but it is important to note their differences. The traditional corset has a steel boning, and the waist cincher has replaced that with Flexiboning. Flexiboning still maintains the shape the same way steel boned corset does but has eliminated the health risks. Traditional corsets are still around up to this day so keep that in mind when choosing your waist trimmer.

The old corset does not have the fat burning properties that the waist trimmers do. FitCurves has the Lycra 2.0 technology that inreases thermal activity on the waist, the sides and the back. This means that simply by wearing it, you are already burning fat. But partner that with a good workout and you’ll get double results.

Lacing up the traditional corset in order to close it can be a hard thing to do and may require someone else to do it for you. That’s why FitCurves has replaced the ribbon closure with the hook and eye and has placed it in the front. So you can close the waist trainer on your own, easily.

Workout waist trimmer

Asking whether working out and diet can be replaced with waist trimmer is a very common question. Sure, wearing the waist trainer corset on its own will work wonders but you still need diet and exercise to back it up. Wearing a workout waist trainer will give you better results in less amount of time.

workout waist trainer

It is understandable if you can’t workout as much as you’d like given your busy schedule, much more if you are a mother. The minimum required number of days that you should go to the gym or workout at home is only 3 days each week. If you can do more, go for it. But on days when you are too busy, 30 minutes of cardio is all that you need. Go for a walk or a run while wearing your workout waist trimmer.

Suppressed appetite

What good is exercise and waist training without a healthy diet, right? I’m not talking about some crazy diet that’ll leave you craving and hungry. Why not try eating less amount of food. Forget deprivation diets where it doesn’t allow you to eat what you love. We know how that one goes and it’s not pretty. A tip is to plate your food every meal and not go for second servings. Going for seconds will only get you to eat more than you should. Healthier options is also a great way not only to lose weight but for your overall health.

Besides, once you wear the waist trainer you won’t be able to over eat anymore. Because it compresses the stomach, the capacity for food intake will be less. That’s not a reason to take it off while you eat by the way.

Follow what your body tells you. If you start to feel satisfied, stop eating. That’s one advantage with waist training, because it will make you eat small frequent meals rather than three large ones. This kind of eating habit makes your metabolism faster and prevents the body from storing food as fat.

waist training diet

Adjustment period

Latex waist trainer reviews say that the most challenging part of waist training is the adjustment period. This is the beginning part of waist training when you have to introduce your body to wearing waist trimmers. There are some women who go through this phase easily though. Their bodies easily adjusted to the waist cincher. Wearing it around the house during this period will make it easier since you may take it off at any point.

One waist trainer review shared that on the first three days that she wore the waist cincher, she did so for two hours. She felt quite uncomfortable but didn’t feel the need to take it off. On the fourth day, she felt much more comfortable with it and was able to wear it for five hours straight. After a week, she was able to workout and did not mind the fact that she was wearing a cincher one bit. On the second week, she could not go a day without it.

Once you have broken in your latex trainers, everything will be a breeze. Soon, you’ll progress to closing it on the second row of hooks. And eventually, you’ll purchase a smaller latex waist trainer for your smaller waist!

Trying to remember to strap on the waist trimmer as you are dressing up in the morning while on a hurry is another thing. Waist trainer reviews say that the key here is to store it along your underwear so that as you put those on, you’ll see the corset and remember to put it on as well.


Waist training doesn’t stop at slimming down the waist. There are several other advantages that you’ll get when you start waist training.

The wait trimmer provides support to the back. The Flexiboning not just supports the shape of the waist but it straightens up the back too. This will help you maintain a straight posture as you wear it.

waist cincher corset

Permanent results of the waist training corset can be seen in a month but its has amazing instant results too. As it tucks in your stomach and slims down the waist, it gives the illusion of being slimmer and taller.

Remember that time when you couldn’t wear a figure hugging dress because your belly is bulging and you just couldn’t wear it out? Try wearing a latex waist cincher under that dress. You’ll be surprised how it tucks in your bulge for you and gives you a smooth silhouette. For this, waist cinchers are amazing shape wear.

When you look in the mirror and you see a seamless figure with a slimmer waist, you will get instant confidence boost. As you wear one, you’ll feel prettier and feel more confident. No more worrying about love handles and bulges. While the waist trainer’s main goal will be achieved long term, its instant benefits are priceless.


One of the most important things in waist training, is to be patient. This is not an invasive procedure where you’ll see results overnight. Even then, you’ll get to see results in weeks. Aside from the instant advantages of wearing latex waist cincher, the permanent outcome will show at around four weeks. But results will depend on several factors namely, diet, exercise, body type and frequency of use.

Waist trainer results will vary from person to person so don’t compare yourself to other women. As our bodies differ from each other, so will the results. Just as long as you are disciplined enough to wear the waist trainer everyday together with diet and exercise, you’ll be sure to see results in a month.


To make your waist trainer last, you have to take care of it. You wouldn’t want to keep on spending your money buying a new one every few months just because you failed to take necessary precautions. You’ll want to make you waist trimmer last as long as possible.

waist training corset

To take care of your waist trimmer, you have to hand wash it using cold or room temperature water. Never wash it in hot water. Heat can cause it to shrink and can weaken the stitching. If hand washing is too much, you may put it on gentle cycle on the machine but never put it in the dryer. Lay it flat on top of a towel to air dry. Or you may hang it using clothespins or a hanger.

Once washed, don’t just dump it in your drawer. Neatly put it beside your underwear (so you’ll remember to wear it the next day). When washing or storing, be sure that you are not folding or stressing the Flexiboning. It will take a beating as you wear it, but following the above tips will help you get the most mileage out of your purchase. Here’s to finding the perfect waist training corsets for sale.