Plus Size Waist Cincher And A 24 Inch Waist, Is It Possible?

Plus size waist cincher

Plus sized ladies need not look further for the perfect waist trainer. FitCurves has the product for you. To find your size, all you have to do is weigh yourself and take your waistline measurement in inches and compare it to the size chart. The key in finding the perfect size is to measure yourself accurately.

To get the most accurate measurement of your weight, do it first thing in the morning. Once you have had breakfast, you’ll surely weigh more. Be sure to also take off your clothing, this can be an added few pounds. Your true weight is when you are naked and haven’t had anything to eat yet.

Lay your weighing scale on a flat surface. It can get a wrong reading if you place it on a carpet or irregular surface. Concrete or wooden floor is best.

To take your waistline measurement, you need a tape measure. You should do this first thing in the morning and without any clothing too. You may do this before or after you weigh yourself. You should measure your hips and that is the smallest part of your torso. Do not suck in your stomach. Just relax, wrap the tape measure around our waist and wherever the end meets is your waistline in inches.

Next, compare these measurements to FitCurves size chart. Simply find your weight and waistline range and wherever it falls is your size.

workout waist trainer


Waist training myths

Rib resection is the only way to make your waist smaller

Have you heard of the plastic surgery procedure called rib resection that involves the removal of some ribs in order to slim down the waist? Ouch! Sounds extreme, right? Yet some women go to this extent just to have a smaller waistline.

They probably haven’t heard of waist training. Let me explain how waist training works, scientifically so that you’ll understand that it actually does work. There is an area in the torso that sits between the last rib and the start of the hipbone. This area is approximately 2 inches long but depends on each person. This is where the waistline sits and since there is no bone in this area, it can get smaller. When you waist train, this is the part where the trainer will work on. You may be cringing at the idea because it sounds like contorting the body but let’s discuss this below.

Waist training alone can get you to lose weight

Some women have tried waist training with the goal of losing weight but have been disappointed. They have probably even given cinchers a bad review because they haven’t reached their goal. That waist trainers alone can get you to lose ten pounds is a misconception. You see, body shapers can help you lose weight but it can’t do it alone. What it can do by itself is enhance your waistline.

I mentioned that cinchers can help you lose weight and in fact, it can make the results more dramatic. In order for you to lose weight and reach your desired goal weight, you have to do your part by exercising and eating healthy. Waist trainers helps by suppressing your appetite. As you wear it, it compresses your stomach and therefore you won’t be able to eat as much as you usually do. If you pay attention to this, you will end up eating less. But don’t worry because you should eat whenever you feel hungry and you may eat whatever you want.  If you follow this eating pattern, you will surely lose weight since it will increase metabolism and will enable your body to store the calories as energy instead of fat.

When you exercise while wearing the waist trainer, you will see better results. Because of the fat burning properties of the body shaper, your torso will burn more. You’ll see faster and more evident outcome of your ab exercises.

Waist training tones muscles

The same with the myth that waist trainers make you lose weight, it won’t tone your muscles for you either. You’ll have to do crunches, sit-ups and other ab exercises in order for you to get your much desired toned stomach. Other than this, a body cincher can also help correct your posture. The structure not only slims down your waist but it also straightens your spinal column to provide you with proper posture.

The structure of the FitCurves waist trimmer will aid your back to the correct position as well as tuck in your belly and cinch your waist.

waist training corset

Waist cincher’s bad reputation

I myself have seen a lot of bad publicity regarding waist trainers. You’ve probably heard at least one, yourself. The most common of which is that it is dangerous. When there’s smoke, there’s fire right? Let me tell you how they came up with this.

Steel-boned corsets compress the waist so much that it becomes dangerous. It squeezes the internal organs and therefore causes liver complications and such. Right when you wear it, it becomes painful since the steel-bone isn’t flexible and you get shortness of breath and even faint. Take note that I said that steel-boned corset and not the modern waist trainers.

The modern corset is modeled after its steel-boned predecessor. It still has the same slimming effect but the negative health risks have been eliminated. That’s why it is no longer made of steel. Although there are still like that available. Even then, the health risks that came with it is in how much these women were willing to go. They had total control of how small they can close it using the lace closure.

The modern waist trainer will not contort your body. Instead, it works by compressing your torso just enough and at the same time increasing heat stimulation for an even better fat burning property.

The waist cincher is even flexible enough for working out in. It understands the needs of the modern woman who is active. You have to work out for your health, you have do chores around the house, you have to work, and the body shaper is comfortable to do all that in.