Smart Purchase With The Genie Hourglass Waist Trainer?

Your waist trainer options

Waist trainers are garments that you wear around your waist with the goal of permanently slimming it down. The waist cinchers work by instantly tucking in your belly and cinching the waist to provide a smooth hourglass figure. Its permanent results is a smaller waistline, smaller love handles and proper posture.

If you have set out to finding the best waist trainer, I bet it took you a really long time before making a final purchase. There are just so many options to choose from and in fact, it can be frustrating. We all want to get the best value for our money and we don’t want to end up wasting it for a useless product.

The Genie Hourglass waist trainer is one among the hundreds of waist trainers available and seems different than most modern waist shapers. Its double velcro strap seems like a good idea, it’s probably the fastest shaper to put on. But does its uniqueness make it better?


Genie Hourglass reviews

“Its thick you Cannot wear it under tight fitting tops without it being obvious. My friend thought I had on a bullet proof vest on!!” -Lisa Perry

Because of the double velcro straps, it adds on a few centimeters. It might not seem like too much but if you wear it under your clothing, it makes so much of a difference that women can’t wear it as a shapewear.

“Horrible product. Boning is very painful and it doesn’t work like commercial states. Do not buy !” – Jason

This is where the lining and the structure should come in. A good waist trainer should not be painful and the boning should not pierce through the skin. Remember that comfort should be one of your top priorities when choosing a waist trainer. It’s the only way you could wear it for at least eight hours.

“This was not a great item it started rolling down in the back. I wouldnt order this again.” – Lorraine

Again, a good structure would be helpful in this aspect. If it’s a good one, it should stay in place. You shouldn’t have to worry about it rolling up. What if you are out in public when this happens?

genie hourglass reviews

What you should look for

How do you know which waist trainer to get? Let’s see what makes a good waist trimmer so you will know which one is best.

Structure is what makes the cincher effective and not all waist trainers have the same boning that shapes and sculpts the waist. Some poorly constructed trainers aren’t made of sturdy materials that they easily roll up and defeat the purpose of keeping your bulges in place. It should be strong enough to carve out your waist but comfortable enough to enable you to move and breathe.

Comfort is another priority that you should look into. Unlike the original corset trainer where the steel-boning pierces through the skin and makes it impossible to move around in, the modern shaper is comfortable enough to wear to the gym and do household chores in.

Because of the trimmer’s benefit of increasing thermal activity around your waist, it has to be made of lycra material. But only a good waist trainer has a combed cotton fabric lining that enables your skin to breathe. This lining prevents direct contact of the lycra and your skin because some people are allergic to it as it constantly rubs off it can cause chafing.

No need for you to shell out extra bucks for a shapewear. A good waist trainer is perfect to use under your clothes as it can be concealed. Now you can wear your tight fitting dress confidently because this waist cincher will hide your belly bulge and smooth out your figure.

A bad waist trainer

Now that we’ve discussed what a good shapewear is, let’s find out how bad a bad trainer can get. You probably have talked or read about a woman who told you that waist training is a bad experience. And you might have taken a step back towards starting your waist training journey.

I have learned that most people who have said they had a miserable time waist training simply didn’t get a good cincher because if they had, it wouldn’t have been a horrible experience.

Shortness of breath is a common complaint of women who wear a waist cincher. This only happens if the cincher is too tight. That’s why you have to spend an hour on the first day or first few days just to break into the product. Another possibility is that they closed it on the small set of hooks or simply they got a size too small.

The metal boning pierces through the skin. Not if it’s Flexiboning. Naturally, a metal boning is so stiff and hard that it will hardly bend to adjust to the shape of your body. Felxiboning on the other hand is forgiving, it won’t poke at you since it follows your natural shape.

Another common that makes the waist training experience excruciating is the skin irritation or chafing wherever the cincher has touched their skin. This will not happen with FitCurves waist trainers because it is lined with combed cotton fabric that makes it comfortable and acts as a barrier between the skin and the Lycra. Skin irritation only happens when the skin is constantly being rubbed against the plastic material.

I can hardly move, said one waist trainer review. There are two factors that can cause this, one is that the boning is not bendable and second is the material that it is made of is not flexible. FitCurves workout waist trainers are not called as such if it weren’t as comfortable to wear.

genie hourglass waist trainer

How to make the waist trainer work

If your goal is to lose weight, the body shaper can only do so much. That’s why you should add a healthy diet and regular exercise to your lifestyle. No need for some special measurement or preparation of your food, you can still eat whatever you please but do it in moderation. Try to eat less than what you normally do and eat only when you feel hungry. This may seem so simple but it can make so much difference.

Exercise is another thing. Not only will your body improve but your overall health as well. If you are already enrolled at the gym, be sure that go at least three times a week. If you haven’t been exercising, now is the time to start. No need to spend for gym membership if you don’t want to. The least that you can do is go jogging for at least thirty minutes a day.

One of the most important things in waist training is consistency so once you have decided to do it you should stay committed even if you don’t see permanent results so soon. Waist training is a gradual process and you will not see much difference in just two weeks but I assure you that you’ll love the improvements you will see in one months time.