Waist Cincher Guide For The Most Dramatic Weight Loss

If you want a smoother silhouette instantly, then you should try wearing a waist cincher. If you want permanently smaller waistline, then you should also try waist training. Waist training can give instant results as well as a permanent one. It’s, by definition, the gradual process of training the waist to become more contoured. And women, from celebrities to regular women like us, all over the word have become crazy for this.

Types of waist cinchers

Steel-boned ribbon corset – These are the classic corsets that have been around for centuries. It is made up of a steel-boning, hence the name and it laces up at the back to close. The steel-boning structure is what shapes out the body mercilessly. The ribbon closure means that you can adjust it however tight or small you want it to be.

Steel-boned waist cinchers – This too has a steel-bone structure which makes movement quite restrictive but has a more breathable fabric compared to the classic corset. Instead of the ribbon closure, it can either have a hook and eye or a velcro to keep in place, depending on the brand and the kind that you choose.

Latex workout waist trainer – This is the most modern and most comfortable of the three types. It doesn’t have a steel-bone anymore but has a Flexiboning that still has the same properties for keeping an hourglass shape but is more flexible. Because it is a workout waist trainer, the fabric is breathable, comfortable and will allow for any movement while staying in place.

waist trainer

Which waist trainer is best for you

Choosing the kind of waist trainer for you is just one step. There are more options when it comes to choosing the brand, which makes it overwhelming. I would personally suggest the latex workout waist trainer because it delivers the same results as the other two, plus the fat burning benefits, but it is much more comfortable and safer.

The steel-boning is for those who have nothing to do but sit all day. You can hardly move in one, let alone running around doing what you have to do. It doesn’t burn the fat and it’s hard to conceal when you wear it as underwear. Its structure is obvious underneath our clothes unless you wear a dark baggy one.

So if you are a modern woman who is out all day whether to work, to run errands or to be a super-mom then the latex workout waist trainer is your best bet.

Advantages of waist training

Fat burner – FitCurves workout waist trainers are made of materials that increase thermal activity around the waist. That means that by simply wearing it, it burns fat. Wear it to the gym and you’ll get double action and faster results.

Look taller – When your waistline looks smaller, it gives the optical illusion of a taller figure. On the other hand, a square-ish silhouette makes you look shorter.  Wearing a cincher kind of stretches you out and slims you down.

It’s a shapewear too – How much does your shapewear cost? Good shapewears are sold at more or less $100. That’s double the price of the FitCurves cincher that can do exactly what those can and much more. As you put the cincher on, you will instantly have a smaller waist and it will tuck in your belly to provide a smoother silhouette without being obvious that you are actually wearing one!

Correct posture – To get the proper posture, you should suck in your stomach and straighten your back. The waist trimmer will do these for you so you can be carefree. One waist trainer review said she uses the cincher in place of her back brace.

Confidence booster – Your belly bulges will be tucked in, your waistline cinched, you will look amazing and you will feel it too! Waist trainers will give you a much need confidence boost.

The dangers of waist training

There are so many benefits in workout waist trainers, there has to be a catch. Fainting from too much compression around the waist, contortion of the internal organs can lead to liver and kidney damage, etc. You’ll read about all these dangers of waist training all over the internet. You’ve probably already read one.

I’ll tell you right now that these claims are true but these only apply to the classic steel-boned corsets. These are the reasons why it has been banned centuries ago and has only made a comeback in recent years. There is a big difference between the classic corset and the modern waist cincher.

Sure, the cincher was inspired by the corset but think of it as an improved modern version. For one, it’s no longer made of steel-boning. That’s what made the corset impossible to move around in and some even claim it to be painful since the steel sometimes pokes through the skin. It’s made of stretchable and breathable materials too so it allows you to move while still giving the same support.

The way these trainers are closed have also been improved. The lacing up takes a lot of time and can be impossible to close by yourself, so women needed someone else to close it for them. The cincher has a hook and eye so that you can simply snap these in place quickly.

Corset training is still around up to this day and the danger does not actually lie in the corset alone, it’s in the way the people use it. Since the corset is laced up, women can close it as tight as they wish.

The original Colombian faja

So the modern shaper was inspired by the classic corset, but where did the modern waist cincher come from? It all started in Colombia, the number five country in cosmetic surgery worldwide. Liposuction is its number one plastic surgery procedure. It was born out of the need of the cosmetic surgeons for something that will speed-up post recovery time of their patients but also further enhance their work.

It took over twenty years and countless hours of research to come up with the waist trainer that we have today. The goal was to come up with a product that’s non-invasive but can deliver the same results as liposuction patients got.

waist cincher corset

How to wear the waist cincher

A healthy diet and regular exercise is advised if you want to see drastic results when waist training. No, you don’t have to deprive yourself of the foods you love to get slimmer waist. We’ve all tried that fad diet that restricts eating certain kinds of food and we know how that ends up. You binge eat and gain more weight. When waist training, you may still eat whatever it is you want to, just eat in moderation. No need to starve yourself either. Eat when you feel hungry and only until you are satisfied.

You’ll be surprised how much difference this kind of healthy eating can do. This is because eating small frequent meals allows your metabolism to work throughout the day so you end up burning more calories. When you starve yourself, it tells your body to halt the metabolism process and store food as fat. This is the body’s survival tactic.

Regular exercise is also required if you want to lose weight. A simple cardio workout routine is enough. Go for at least a thirty minute run every day while wearing your trainer. If you are already enrolled at the gym, just include wearing the cincher to your gym essentials. Wearing it will make your torso work twice as much in burning fat and therefore will give you more evident results.

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Every day shapewear

You should waist train for at least eight hours each day to get results. But you shouldn’t wear it for eight hours the first time. You should allow your body to get used to it. Start with one hour at home and then gradually increase the number of hours each day. Depending on your body, you will be comfortable in wearing it all throughout the day in a matter of weeks.

As I have mentioned before, wear it to the gym. It’s comfortable enough and you will get more dramatic results along with your ab exercises. Wear it to work, as you run errands, and not matter what you do. One waist trainer review say that once she has adjusted to wearing the trimmer, she couldn’t live without it anymore. She loved the feeling she got while wearing it as well as its effects.

The permanent effects of the cincher will take one month to be noticeable. Some women reported to have gotten slimmer waistline in as little as two weeks. This all depends on your diet, exercise, consistency of use and your body type.

One important tip in waist training is that you should be consistent. Don’t cheat on it otherwise it won’t work. Even if you feel like you still haven’t reaped its permanent results, be patient. Because it is a gradual process, it will take time and the effects will come gradually too. You won’t have slimmer waist overnight. You have to wear it consistently.